Visiting Hours

General Wards



We understand your concern and care for your loved one but our patient’s well-being is our priority so visitors are please to adhere to the following rules: 

Visiting is restricted to two visitors per bed.

Cellphones on silent. Calls to be kept to a minimum.
For their own protection, young children are not permitted as visitors and must be over 12 years of age, as their immunity is immature and they are more susceptible to the diseases being treated.

Right of admission reserved. Kindly report to the sister on duty. All visiting rights are subject to her discretion.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

10:30 – 11:00
15:00 – 16:00
19:15 – 20:00


Cellphones prohibited.


Baby’s father / Mother’s birthing partner

07:00 -  21:00

15:00 – 16:00
19:15 - 20:00

These visitors must report to the security personnel member on duty at the maternity department in order to verify their ID details to allow admission into the ward.

All other relatives and friends may see the baby from the maternity ward foyer through the viewing window but will not be permitted entry into the ward. Mothers may leave the ward to see their visitors.

Visiting hours are the same as general wards but there are no visiting times  in the mornings in the maternity ward.



09h30 - 10h30
15h00 - 16h00
19h00 - 20h00

Parents may visit from 07:00 - 20:00. Thereafter one parent may stay with the child.